“If you look very closely ,
you will find that generations have more in common than they have differences.
That knowledge gives responsibility, to also live in the now.
To take action in the now. “

Art Rooijakkers: Bridge to Liberation 2020

What happens when people share personal stories about the impact of war with other generations?
Can you learn something from that today for tomorrow’s freedom?

We ourselves do not live in war,
but witness war in other countries.
We receive people at our gates who,
just as our own ancestors were once driven from their homes,
seeking safety.
If history teaches us anything,
it is that roles can turn in an instant.

What do we choose to do?
That is the real question.
Who do we want to be?

The world we live in today
demands people with compassionate hearts.
People determined never to go to war again,
And provide a home for another.
What heart do you have?



“Soldier on”
Marcel Veenendaal (leadzanger DI-RECT) & Phion

“Omgekeerde Wereld”
Pjotr & Phion

 “It’s probably me”
Dennis Kroon & Phion

Ruben Hein

 “The Ruins of Athens”

“Both Sides Now”
Ellen ten Damme

 “Everyboy wants to rule the world”
Ellen ten Damme, Ruben Hein & Phion

“Times are changing”
DI-RECT & Phion

 Pas de deux uit “In Memoriam”

“Wild Hearts”
DI-RECT & Phion



Gemeente Arnhem


Gelderland in Vrijheid

Ondernemersfonds Arnhem

Omroep Gelderland

Rabobank Arnhem e.o., 

Creative director: Alvin William

Beeldscript film: Victor van Vloten

Films: Arteffects

Design artwork live: Mr.Beam

Licht: Uri Rapaport & Jeroen Jans

Geluid: Dick Scheepbouwer

Producent: Marieke van Kessel

Show producer: Karsten Stouten

Producer: Sandra Bulter

Communicatie: Eva Agterberg & Freekje Mollenhof

Vormgeving: Dana Dijkgraaf Design

Licht en geluid: StageLIght

Led: Prodigit

Films: Arteffects

Met bijdragen van:
Hannah Risch

Thea Bouhuijs

Dennis Kroon

Ilse Janssen

Thijs van der Laan

Dashni Morad


Antoinette Timmer

Theo Janssen

Communicatie: Eva Agterberg & Freekje Mollenhof

Vormgeving: Dana Dijkgraaf Design

Website: Business Stylist

Regie: Oscar Borggreve

Regie assistent: Audrey Boeff

Producer: Martijn Veenhuizen

Facilitair TV: The Crew

Bart van Meer: voorzitter

Margret Vincent: penningmeester

Inge Prudon: secretaris

Bert de Jong

Marjolijn Brussaard

Robert Wittenberg

Chee-Fan Lee: ambtelijk adviseur 

Alle participanten, Luchtmobiele Brigade, Vitesse, Rijn IJssel, Airborne Museum at Hartenstein en de vrijwilligers.