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On this page you will find the frequently asked questions sorted by different topics. About Bridge to Liberation and the official Airborne memorial. About the accessibility of Arnhem during our events, the weather, noise, and other amenities.

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Op deze pagina vind je de veelgestelde vragen gesorteerd op verschillende onderwerpen. Over Bridge to Liberation en de officiële Airborne herdenking. Over de bereikbaarheid van Arnhem tijdens onze evenementen, het weer, geluid en andere voorzieningen. 

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Bridge to Liberation

The key words surrounding the Battle of Arnhem are commemorating, understanding and experiencing. Through the official commemoration and Bridge to Liberation, we want to allow people to experience the impact of war and the value of freedom together through personal stories.

The show begins at 8.30 pm and ends at 10.00 pm. Please be on time!

The viewing areas for the public are located in the Jacob Groenewoud park on the lower Rijnkade Arnhem Noord. We recommend that you arrive before 8.00 pm. Route

Yes, entry is free!

The viewing areas are in the Jacob Groenewoud park. Please be on time! Due to the expected crowd numbers, it would be best to come to the Jacob Groenewoud park in time before 8.00 pm.

No! Due to the nature of the activities, the grounds of the City buildings on the other side of the Rhine/Jacob Groenewoud park will be fenced off and monitored during the show. This in connection with safety restrictions.

For the sixth edition of Bridge to Liberation, various artists will convey the story to the audience through their own emotions.

Beer, wine, soft drinks, coffee and tea are served at the bars in the event grounds. Here you can pay with chip and pin or cash. The toilets at the event site are free. There are also disabled toilets.


Because it will be very busy and also because of the traffic restrictions around the John Frost Bridge, most people will come by public transport, by bike or on foot.

Arnhem Central Station is easily accessible from all over the Netherlands. The station is within walking distance of the city center (5 minutes). The central bus station is also here. You can check the current travel times before departure on

Public transport will be redirected if necessary. Check out for the latest travel information and times.

Many people will come by bicycle. There are several free secure bicycle parking facilities in the city center.

To ensure that the official commemoration and Bridge to Liberation can pass off properly, there will be various traffic restrictions in place.

If you still want to come bay car, please park in one of Arnhem’s parking garages. A parking fee of 50 cents per hour applies after 6.00 pm.


De meeste mensen komen met het openbaar vervoer, per fiets of lopend, want het wordt druk en er zijn verkeersmaatregelen rondom de John Frostbrug.

Station Arnhem Centraal is vanuit heel Nederland goed bereikbaar. Het station bevindt zich op loopafstand van de binnenstad (5 minuten). Hier is ook het centrale busstation. Check voor vertrek de actuele reistijden op

Het OV wordt indien nodig omgeleid. Kijk op voor actuele reistijden.

Veel mensen komen met de fiets. In de binnenstad zijn er diverse gratis bewaakte fietsenstallingen

Om de officiële herdenking en de Bridge to Liberation  in goede banen te leiden zijn er diverse verkeersmaatregelen

Toch met de auto? Parkeer de auto dan in één van de Arnhemse parkeergarages . Na 18.00 uur geldt een parkeertarief van 50 cent per uur.


The first aid station is in front of the houses on Kadestraat (next to the Jacob Groenewoud park). In there are any problems or unsafe situations, please go there.

Yes, and use of the toilets is free of charge. There are also disabled toilets.

Yes, beer, wine, soft drinks, coffee and tea are served at the bars in the event grounds. Here you can pay with chip and pin or cash.

It is always a good idea to bring a poncho or rain gear with you to ensure that your clothes stay dry. Please note: think about others, an umbrella can obstruct the view and can be dangerous in the wind.

Wheelchairs can be placed on the low quay in the public area. There are free disabled toilets. There is no special fenced-off area. Are you unable to stand for the entire show? Then you can bring your own folding chair with you. The parking places can be viewed here.

If you want to stay overnight, the website Hotelsarnhem displays all the possibilities for accommodation.

During the event, use is made of various (war) sound effects and fireworks. An old-fashioned air alarm will also sound once during the show.

During the events that have been organised in the Airborne Region during the Airborne week, a number of old-fashioned (combat) aircraft and helicopters will be used at different times. These are demos or exercises and nothing to be alarmed about! Visit to see the programme for the whole region. 


Read more about the Battle of Arnhem here.

During the commemoration week, residents from the Arnhem region will reflect in depth on the efforts of Allied forces to put an end to the Second World War quickly. It is a tribute to the courage and perseverance of the soldiers during the Battle of Arnhem. During these commemorations the focus is respectfully on the veterans, the fallen soldiers, and their families.

It is 75 years ago this year that the Battle of Arnhem took place as part of Operation Market Garden. We call this a jubilee year. During a jubilee year, the activities and events are larger and more elaborate.

More information about the official Airborne commemoration will follow as soon as possible.

Bridge to Liberation is the main partner of the Airborne Region Foundation. The Airborne Region is an initiative of the four Airborne municipalities of Arnhem, Renkum, Ede and Overbetuwe. We are commemorating, realising and experiencing the 75th anniversary together. Visit for more information about the Airborne Region.

Hundreds of activities that relate to the Battle of Arnhem are being organised throughout the Airborne Region. Visit to see all the activities.

Slag om Arnhem

Lees hier meer over de Slag om Arnhem

Inwoners uit de regio Arnhem staan in de herdenkingsweek uitgebreid stil bij de inspanningen van geallieerde strijdkrachten om snel een einde aan de Tweede Wereldoorlog te maken. Het is een eerbetoon aan de moed en het doorzettingsvermogen van de soldaten tijdens de Slag om Arnhem.  Tijdens deze herdenkingen wordt op respectvolle wijze aandacht geschonken aan de veteranen, de gesneuvelde soldaten en hun familie.

Het is dit jaar 75 jaar geleden dat de Slag om Arnhem, als onderdeel van Operatie Market Graden, plaatsvond. We noemen dat een kroonjaar. Tijdens een kroonjaar zijn de activiteiten en evenementen groter en uitgebreider.

Meer informatie over de officiële Airborne herdenking volgt zo spoedig mogelijk.

Bridge to Liberation is hoofdpartner van de Stichting Airborne Region. De Airborne Region is een initiatief van de vier Airborne gemeenten Arnhem, Renkum, Ede en Overbetuwe. 75 jaar herdenken, beseffen en beleven doen we met elkaar. Kijk op voor meer informatie over de Airborne Region.

In de hele Airborne Region worden honderden activiteiten georganiseerd die te maken hebben met het stilstaan bij de Slag om Arnhem. Kijk op om alle activiteiten te bekijken.